Public Outreach on Projects

Proposed Higgins Mountain Wind Farm Development

In 2007, 3G organized a bid into a Nova Scotia Power Inc competitive renewable energy procurement, proposing a 100MW wind farm to be located at Higgins Mountain, Nova Scotia on forestry company lands. A copy of the environmental assessment done in 2007 is available here

Download the Environmental Assessment

In April 2017, 3G along with EMERA organized a bid into a Massachusetts competitive renewable energy procurement for a 150 MW wind farm at Higgins Mountain. EMERA is the bidder for its proposed Atlantic Link undersea cable going from New Brunswick to Boston, MA, aggregating energy from 5 wind projects in New Brunswick and 2 wind projects in Nova Scotia. The proposed delivery date for this project is December 2022 provided EMERA is the winning bidder for its Atlantic Link submission. Using modern turbines, the proposed new Higgins Mountain project will involve significantly fewer machines compared to the 2007 concept. For further information on the Massachusetts RFP, we provide a link to a summary Power Point.

Download the Massachusetts competitor summary here

Download the EMERA Atlantic Link fact sheet here