Volunteer Activities

3G Energy is a supporter of community based investment in the creation and ownership of renewable energy assets. Communities need to be consulted and engaged in order for energy project developers to earn the social license to build a wind or solar farm.

Land owners who host projects on their land can receive a reliable income from land rental. But if they and their neighbours are invested in the project, this can enhance community economic benefits as well as acceptance of the project. Municipalities across Canada are moving toward organizing their own energy procurements and are allowing community groups to mobilize capital into renewable energy projects alongside project developers as well as indigenous communities.

3G Energy is engaged in advocacy to support community based renewable energy project devlopers. One such developer is the Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-operative (OREC) with which 3G has enjoyed a relationship since 2011. A founder of 3G Energy has served on board of director roles with OREC since 2014.